5 tips para un viaje más auténtico

5 tips for a more authentic trip

Alcazar of Seville. 5 tips for a more authentic trip.

Traveling is one of the best experiences there is. It allows you to see incredible places and learn how people from anywhere in the world live. Each corner of the planet has its special charm, perhaps not all places we like as much as others, but they are still places with their own history that makes them unique.

One of the best  tips for travelers is to adapt as much as possible to the place they are visiting. In this way, it is possible to be more empathetic with the inhabitants, better understanding their customs and lifestyle.

In this sense, there is a wide variety of options to experiment with, from visiting its monuments with a guide, to dressing up in the traditional garments of the place. The choice of one or the other will depend on the degree of mimicry you want to achieve. This decision involves the analysis of numerous factors, such as the adaptability of each one, travel time, budget … That is why, at times, the task is complex.

In order to facilitate these types of activities, we are going to focus on the easiest and most comfortable options:

5 tips for a more authentic trip

  • Guided visit to the monuments. It is true that the budget does not always provide for everything we would like, but we must highlight the importance of learning about the history and legends of the most emblematic buildings of a city. Observing its beauty is great, but having an official guide show you it is exceptional. There are cheap options, booking a group tour , or private guided tours which are not so cheap but are of higher quality. This is the easiest way to start adapting to the travel destination.
  • Gastronomy : it goes without saying that going to a new place and not trying its typical dishes is a big mistake. No, the fast food places that you already know, is not trying the local food. It is true that depending on the country, these establishments adapt the product to the tastes of the region, and may have a somewhat different flavor, but that is not mimicry. For the exercise presented, an intake of foods traditionally cooked on the spot must be carried out. You may not like some, it may be more expensive, your craving for hamburgers may throw you more … Resist! Be open to trying new food. Although it may not seem like it, you can understand the lifestyle of a place knowing its gastronomy.
  • Talking to Residents : Communicating is free! Don’t be ashamed, take every opportunity to ask questions. Look for recommendations on bars to eat and stay up late, as well as questions about the city, its way of life, its religion, its political system, its economy … A thousand things you can ask! Don’t you know the language? Well, hey, it’s time to start studying a little. No matter how old you are, learning a new language is not a task for engineers. Keep in mind that you only need a low-intermediate level to start a conversation, not be an expert. With learning a little English, knowing Spanish, you will already know two of the 3 most spoken languages ​​in the world (the other is Chinese), you will not have problems!
  •  Get lost in its streets : the route of some travelers is usually from the hotel to the monuments and from these to the hotel. They move somewhat in the area closest to where they are staying, but little else. This is a mistake if your intention is really to understand the place well. Visiting the monuments and resting in the hotel is very good, but if you base your trip on that, you can miss many places and people of interest. Get lost in the streets of the city and discover it from all angles and hours of the day!
  • In this sense, it is also a very good idea to book a hotel that is not in the center. It will be cheaper and you will get a reliable image of the city, since the center is usually the most focused on tourists, both for its prices, as well as for its cleanliness and care. Perhaps you discover that a city is beautiful both in its historic center and in other neighborhoods. In addition, you will understand the daily life of its inhabitants much better.

Applying these 5 tips for a more authentic trip , you will have a better experience in the destination you visit. We have already told you that there are many more, but little by little, once you feel comfortable losing yourself in the streets, reserving hotels in neighborhoods outside the tourist area, and talking with the inhabitants, you can use the tips for advanced travelers that we will publish soon .

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