Walk Through History Courtesy of Our Tours of Alcazar Seville

Seville is the most historic city not only in Spain but throughout the world. Here, you can see the blending of the east and the west, of the Islamic and the Christian. If there is a city that encapsulates what more than a thousand years of world history has to offer, with all its ups and downs and all the titanic shifts, it is the city of Seville.

And nothing illustrates it best than the Alcazar of Seville. A former Muslim residential fortress, the Royal Alcazars was built by Christians after their conquest of Seville in the thirteenth century.

Built at the height of the Reconquista and nearly a dawn before the advent of The Renaissance, it combines Romanesque and gothic elements fairly common during the Medieval period. Tours of Alcazar Seville, therefore are like walking in time, a veritable time travel that takes you back to the past glories of Spanish history.

But in traveling through time, you need one that has the expertise with everything about the Palace and Seville from its historical context, all the way down to the minutest details of the attraction. This UNESCO Heritage Site has secrets known only to the most knowledgeable of Sevillanos and Sevillanas.

And such secrets and knowledge are something we can impart if you happen to choose one of our packages for tours of Alcazar Seville. We know the castle’s history like the back of our hands, and there will be an endless delight in listening to our tales as we tour different sections of Royal Alcazars.

For one, it is a Christian castle, but yes, there is this dormitorio, a bedroom for Moorish Kings. There is the famed Room for Ambassadors, a Courtyard for the Maidens, the Dolls, and others.

The castle itself is accessible through the Puerta de Leon, and several patios reveal the former grandeur, all were preserved luckily for posterity. All the rooms, from dining, and smoking, to the Royal bedrooms, one for Isabella II, for instance, are a sight to behold.

Those are just a glimpse of what the Alcazar of Seville has in store for you. All in all, more than fifty attractions are waiting for you, and all of them have their secrets and stories to tell.

It will be best for you to have a walkthrough of Alcazar Seville with one of the best in the business. The tours of Alcazar Seville that we offer are among the finest. You can contact us anytime and relive and enjoy the grandeur of this former Moorish stronghold transformed into a Christian castle.

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